Peace of Mind Homecare offers a variety of customized care services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Every client has unique care needs and situations, so Peace of Mind Home Care® offers a full range of in-home companionship and personal care services to provide seniors with the right amount of support for independent living at home.

Personal Care Services

Bathing, Grooming and Hygiene

Peace of Mind® can help seniors feel positive about their appearance through bathing, grooming and hygiene assistance. Bathing not only cleanses the skin but goes deeper to refresh the spirit, provide relaxation, and stimulate circulation. Our Patient Care Givers (PCGs) are trained to lessen any embarrassment or discomfort.

Mobility Assistance

Mobility assistance helps seniors maintain as active a lifestyle as possible when considering their ages, abilities, and overall health. There are many physical health benefits of keeping the senior mobile, including lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, sleep, increasing energy, stamina and strengthening the heart. Peace of Mind can also accompany the client on a short walk, and provide encouragement and reminders to complete prescribed exercises.

Transferring and Positioning

Peace of Mind (PCGs) are trained to move and place clients in correct posture positions to promote health and safety. Proper transferring and positioning from or into beds and chairs eliminates pressure areas on the skin, while reducing weakening and stiffening of muscles. Also, encourages proper breathing, digestion and elimination.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

Our work to maintain the dignity and self-esteem of seniors and other adult clients as they assist with daily living activities. Through this caring approach, PCGs help lessen the embarrassment clients may feel associated with incontinence and need for toileting assistance.

Feeding and Special Diet

Some clients need help feeding themselves and the loss of independent eating can be hard to accept. Our PCGs understand this and are particularly sensitive, making the extra effort that can turn mealtime into a more enjoyable social time. In addition, Peace of Mind will help ensure that their clients stay on prescribed diets to prevent or control a wide variety of medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

In-Home Companionship

Conversation and Companionship

Our PCGs provide clients companionship, for instance through conversation or when they sit down to share a meal. Social contact such as this is proven to enhance seniors’ health, happiness and quality of life.

Meal Preparation

Many seniors do not have the ability to shop for groceries and fix a well-balanced meal. Peace of Mind can prepare hot, delicious, nutritious meals based on their clients’ preferences to help them get the proper nutrition they need. Clients may help with meal preparation as their abilities permit.


Our PCG will tend to the laundry either at their clients’ homes or a laundry facility, and will wash, dry, fold, iron, and put clothing away. We work to ensure that each client’s laundry is done according to his or her preferences.

Light Housekeeping

Our light housekeeping services cover most domestic tasks. Often seniors are able and want to join their caregivers in housework, which can help them feel useful and needed. These tasks include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Please be advised that Peace of Mind does provide outdoor cleaning or maintenance services only as an ala carte.

Grocery Shopping/Errands

PCG will shop for groceries at the stores their clients prefer and run errands such as picking up prescriptions or going to the post office. Clients may choose to stay home or come along and help with the shopping and errands as an excellent way to stay active and engaged.

Incidental Transportation

Our PCGs can provide incidental transportation for clients, allowing them the freedom to go shopping attend other activities or get to medical appointments, the barbershop or beauty salon and other places the senior chooses. Getting a senior out and about is good for the senior’s mind, body, and spirit.

Medication Reminders

Although Peace of Mind cannot administer medications, they can help ensure that clients take their own medications as prescribed. Our PCGs can assist with opening medication containers, reading labels and reminding their clients when it is time to take a dose.

A la Carte In Homecare Services

  • Snow removal
  • Lawn mowing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Security/Safety checks
  • Event escorting

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